In order to accept offers for larger construction projects, it is nowadays a prerequisite to be able to deal with digital 3D material. However, many players in the industry are confronted with challenges in dealing with digital 3D material. Different formats and file types lead to confusion.

Exigo conducts courses that give you hands-on experience with the best digital tools on the market. Tools that can improve your business. We conduct one- to three-day courses that focus on various areas within VDC/BIM and on location-based scheduling with the Schedule Planner.

You will then have the skills to implement the tools in your building project that will allow you to optimize and automate a variety of time management, financial management and collision control workflows with great financial gain. This significantly reduces your risks both in the office and on the construction site.


Self-Learning Program

Location-based planning.

Start with videos that show you the basic principles.


1-2 Days

Location-based planning.

Will be held both as a company and project course.


60 Minutes

Try Vico Office or Schedule Planner for free, and get an introduction from a web specialist.


3 Days

BIM/VDC with Vico Office.
3D, 4D and 5D
Company customized course for up to 8 employees.


3 Half Days

Good quality 3D models begin in the ICT agreements. Get an overview of both, methods and tools.

3D Handling

1 Day

Handling of 3D Models. Introduction to free tools.


2-3 Days

Quantity calculation with 3D models. ICT, classification, and naming.