LBS Manager

LBS stands for Location Breakdown Structure. We call this location breakdown. Site Sharing is one of the most unique features of Vico Office and 5D BIM and plays a key role in collision control, volume validation, calculation, scheduling, tracking, procurement, and logistics distributed across specific locations.

For quantitative verification, calculation and planning, it is crucial to be able to create your own location-based site departments without influencing the design model. With Vico Office’s unique and effective tool for splitting 3D models, you do not have to cut your 3D models. You also do not have to name every item per location. That happens automatically.

The LBS Manager offers great improvements and simplifies normal working methods and processes. This makes the work less time consuming. For example, you will never need to do location-based calculations again. This is done automatically with a report template that loads the quantity per area and calculates it at the project level as well as per area.

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Virtual division of 3D models

Splitting your 3D models into locations is very easy. Create even horizontal and vertical separations by connecting points in the 3D model. Draw the desired layout of your 3D models with lines in the floor plan. You can even add objects that should belong to a specific area, if they are located outside.

There are almost no limits to the division of your 3D models. Go from the project level to a specific area, to a house, a staircase, an apartment and down to the room level if you want.

Location divided quantities

When you split the location in the LBS Manager and update your 3D models, the quantities are automatically split according to the location split. This means you do not have to ask planners to split their 3D models.

Location-divided quantities form the basis for the location-divided quantity calculation and the location-divided schedules. This results in a correct 4D simulation since the collisions are reported based on the same location divisions.

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Flexible Division

You can split the same 3D model in different ways depending on the purpose and need. Suppose you have a building in which the load-bearing structure is built floor by floor. Then you have to know the quantities per floor. The rest of the construction is based on staircases, so here you have to divide the volumes into staircases. The installations may even require a third division.

This is possible with the effective function of the Vico LBS Manager, to virtually divide the same 3D model in several ways.

Site-shared calculations

With Vico LBS Manager, you no longer need to break down your calculations by location. Breaking down calculations by location is often time-consuming, but you usually have to do the quantity calculations based on that. The 3D models (if available) must be divided into different areas or locations. This is time consuming and difficult to accomplish due to various CAD tools and 3D models.

If the quantities are split into locations using the LBS Manager, the calculations are automatically broken down by location. This saves you many hours of work!

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Location-based schedules

Even schedules are controlled by location-based planning. Changing the 3D model automatically changes the schedule.

Focus on what matters most: Create a well thought-out schedule for the project, without worrying about how many square feet you have at each location. Let Vico Office do the work for you!

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