Production Controller

Preparing and optimizing a schedule is very important, but more important is adhering to the schedule! Otherwise, the planning work is wasted. The schedule does not just have to hang passively on the wall, it has to drive production. It is therefore important to see quickly how delays affect production and what decisions must be made to address unforeseen issues.

Avoid making the 5 typical mistakes in schedules.

Purchasing is also important – having materials timely in the right place is of utmost importance. There must be resources to receive the materials and find suitable storage locations so they will not be destroyed.

With the Vico Production Controller you can easily and efficiently carry out follow-up and purchasing planning. Read about the benefits of 4D scheduling and resource management in Vico Office.

Follow-up (progress check) step by step

The ongoing monitoring of the schedule can be done in several ways. Just enter the number of hours worked or the amount of work involved. Tracking can be done by location or as a whole or as part of a task.

In order to make your schedule realistic, it has to build on as many facts as possible and even include schedules of subcontractors. It’s best if they also create their schedules in the Vico Schedule Planner.

Automatic forecasts

The Vico Production Controller calculates your production progress and automatically predicts the remaining work. The forecast is based on the actual work compared to the planned resources and the remaining workload. This gives you a clear and unambiguous picture of how your project is developing in the “Flowline”.

You can present your progress control of the schedule in several ways to communicate the status of the project in the best possible way.

Purchase Planning

Take the next step and use the Vico Production Controller for purchasing planning. You get a maximum benefit when the schedule is created from the 3D model. This automatically sorts the quantities by location, making your purchases easier. When the schedule is updated and the actual data is implemented, the purchase schedule is adjusted accordingly.

Risk Simulation

With Monte Carlo, you can have the Schedule Planner simulate thousands of different risk scenarios. One of the results may help you identify risks in the project.