Takeoff Manager

The takeoff manager automatically calculates quantities based on 3D models. Quantities are very important as they affect costs, deadlines, procurement, purchases, and so on. Therefore, you can combine 2D and 3D volumes in the same tool: Vico Office.

Create a quantity extraction directly from your 2D drawings (requires the Document Controller to retrieve your drawings) and combine them with a 3D model. You can use Vico Office for all your projects, even if only 2D drawings are available.

You can collect quantities in different ways:

  • 2D volume output from PDF files
  • Automatic quantity extraction from the 3D model
  • Extraction of custom 3D sets – a mix of 2D and 3D volume verification

By combining 2D and 3D calculations, you can always feel safe. The level of detail for the model does not have to be as high as when using 3D models. You automatically get high accuracy and can quickly analyze new and expired quantities by changing the project. In addition, you can try alternative solutions to optimize the project.

With the Takeoff Manager and the support of Vico Office for 3D models, you can quickly see which parts of the design belong to the different quantity elements. With the LBS Manager module, you automatically allocate the quantities to the locations. Read about the benefits of 2D + 3D Quantity Extraction in Vico Office.

3D Quantity Extraction

By extracting quantities from 3D models, you have unique opportunities to get exactly the information you want. Would you like to have continuous gutter, drainage pipes or total façade surfaces for the calculation and planning of the scaffolding? With just a few clicks you get information directly from the 3D models.

With effective formulas, you can do your own calculations to get exactly the information you are looking for. Maybe you would like to display a window area as a 3D model, but only know height and width? With the Takeoff Manager, you can easily display the pane using the correct formula.

The flexibility of combining 3D quantity extraction with 2D power extraction and automatically checking quantities of 3D models gives you complete control over your project.

Safer Quantities

The Vico Takeoff Manager has several intelligent features. For example, you can ask the program to isolate all parts of the building that have no name/no identity. When they appear in the 3D window, you can quickly tag them, create a quantity entry, and add all the required quantities.

The Vico Takeoff Manager looks for errors in quantities. For example, this may be an object that is hidden. These types of errors are indicated by a warning triangle. Often you get the quantities you need. Alternatively, you can ask the architect or engineer to redraw the objects.

Find new and deleted quantities

Vico Office can compare different versions of the same 3D model and automatically account for differences, including finding new and expired quantities. You can only display the differences and then accept them individually or all at the same time.

By combining the Takeoff Manager and Document Controller modules, you can search for changes in 2D drawings and view them visually. You have full control over changes.

Flexible Berichte

With Vico Office, you can easily and effectively create report templates that meet your needs. You decide what you want to show and what data you want to integrate. For example, you can only select new and expired sets to see the difference.

Then you can save the report in an optional format, such as PDF, Excel, text file, and so on.