2D + 3D Quantity Extraction

Effective risk analysis of quantities

Traditional manual methods of counting quantities involve many economic risks. It is time consuming and mistakes often happen. Missing and incorrect quantities in construction projects lead to errors in budgets, offers and material deliveries. Mistakes that can have dire consequences for the finances and the schedule of the project.

For large construction projects, a project is often offered with recommended quantities. Errors in the quantity designations in the tender dossier entail the risk to the winning contractor, which can be expensive to carry out. It is therefore important to know in advance the errors in the tender documents. Based on the right quantities, you, the contractor, can work out an exact price without worrying about possible risks during execution.

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An overview of the right quantities may be important to us when we win the tender for the construction project

john_funch_stor1“In large construction projects, a project is often offered with indicative amounts. If the quantities in the tender dossier are flawed, the risk lies with us as the contractor and it can cost us a lot of work (…). An overview of the correct quantities can affect whether or not we win the tender. With the right quantities, we can work out an exact price and not have to worry about quantity-related risks in execution.”

John Funch, Executive Director Jorton A/S

Combine 2D and 3D

In Vico Office, you can create and combine 2D and 3D quantification of your quantities. You can take the quantity determination directly from your 2D drawings and combine them with the quantities of your 3D model. This gives you an immediate overview of the quantities and almost automatic error detection in the quantity billing.

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You can automatically divide your quantities into locations. You get an overview of the quantities in e.g. east wing, west wing, north wing and south wing.

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Save 80% of the Planning Time

By combining 3D quantity extraction with 2D quantity extraction and automatically checking the quantities from the 3D model, you have complete control over your project. In addition, it is about 80% faster to generate quantities based on automatic quantity extraction from 3D models than traditional 2D drawing-based plans.

Get a “Top 5″ of typical quantity errors.

Would you like to have a complete overview of the quantities and control over your project? Then this is the solution for you!

Bravida implements BIM with Vico Office


“At Bravida, we work with Vico Office when reviewing the projects to extract quantities. That way, we can keep track of where the number of changes were made – and also use the extract as documentation. The management asked me to implement BIM at Bravida. I knew Vico Office from before and had positive experiences with it. The choice therefore fell on this BIM software. We got a few days of training at Exigo to make sure we got a good start.”

Bettina Hahn Andersen, BIM Manager, Bravida Danmark A/S

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