5D Financial Management

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Traditional calculation methods, which use large spreadsheets and 2D drawings, involve many economic risks. The manual counting and quality assurance of documents and drawings is time-consuming and costs many hours of work. At the same time, there is a great risk of counting wrongly or missing a change between the 2D drawing and the 3D model. This results in budget overruns due to deficiencies in the delivery, and also means that the construction will shut down during these periods. With Vico Office you get from the beginning a clear financial overview and a better end result!

3D + Financial Management = 5D

Vico Office provides automatic and secure calculations when the 3D model amounts are linked to material prices, labor costs, etc. (model-based estimate). Thus, 5D results from 3D + economy. It gives you a graphic and clear overview of which building components are included in the different calculation sets, and the calculations are updated automatically when you make changes to quantities or resources, for example. With a good and well-structured 3D model, you can, for example, create an offer list for an office building of 10,000 m2 in less than 10 hours!

Learn more about Vico Office’s powerful tools for the 2D + 3D volume extraction, as well as the 4D planning and the resource management.

Proper quantities are money in the bank

When you win the tender, you often get a certain amount of time to check that the quantities are correct. And once you sign, the risk is yours! Read about the benefits of connecting quantities and finance.

Learn to avoid the 5 typical errors in quantities.

Location-based calculations

Because project management in Vico Office is based on location-based planning, you can view your quantities and calculations by location/area. So, you always know which areas and parts of the building are above budget. You can work flexibly with your calculations and test different solutions before you decide. For more information about the location dividing module, see Vico Office, LBS Manager.


If both time (4D) and financial management (5D) are integrated into the 3D building models, you can calculate the cash flow almost automatically. This ensures that your payments are progressing! Learn more about the cost planning module (Cost Planner) – the efficient calculation tool from Vico Office.

Do you want secure calculations and a complete financial overview? Then this is the solution for you!

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