Location-Based Planning

Easy overview with location-based planning

If you work in the construction industry, you know how important schedules are. A good schedule is crucial to reach your deadlines. With traditional planning methods (such as Gantt, as in the MS Project) it is difficult to see whether the schedule is good or not. Craftsmen often start their work where there just happens to be space. As a result, the site is at sometimes overflowing with craftsmen interfering with each other. On other days, large parts of the construction site are completely empty. The consequence is a late delivery or poor quality. The main problem is that challenges in the schedule are not visible until work is in progress. Vico Office’s effective location-based planning tools help you solve this problem and get an overview of the project right from the start!

Understand location-based planning. Watch this introduction video.

See how they use the method in Enmerkke & Petersen’s film – also in the context of construction safety: Site-based planning at the construction site.

Adjust and optimize

Location-based planning (also known as cyclogram planning) gives you a clear overview of time and activity by location. You can quickly see which areas are heavily loaded, and adjust and optimize the schedule to ensure a stable workflow.

Learn more about Vico Office’s powerful tools for 4D planning and resource management.

HHM works with location-based planning

“It is possible to plan with Gantt. Of course it is. And some schools in this country still insist on teaching it, even though all major educational institutions are moving away from the method. And it is doable. It is also possible to pull a large wooden box without wheels over a courtyard. Of course it is. With four wheels underneath, it’s just a lot easier.”

Thomas Høyer Andersen, HHM A/S

Stable flow on the construction site

With the location-based planning tools in Vico Office you ensure that multiple people’s work does not collide on the same location, thus optimizing the construction site. This results in at least 10% shorter execution time and a 5% better overall result.

Read more about the LBS Manager (location division module in Vico Office) and the Schedule Planner (Vico Office Planning Tool).

You can also read about the Exicute App for easy on-site progress reporting on Exicute.net.

Documenting and reading off consequences

Of course, there will always occur challenges during construction that could not be planned in advance. Documentation is essential here. By constantly updating the schedule to “actual completed work”, you can see exactly what the future consequences are for e.g a delay from a subcontractor or supplier, or what an architect-engineer-modified 3D model will mean for the rest of your schedule.

Does that mean more planning time? No, on the contrary: Setting up schedules in cycle logs in Vico Office is four times faster than creating Gantt schedules! Watch a short video on location-based planning.

Location-based planning provides a better work environment

“In Aalborg, we are facing a major housing renovation in which we will test location-based planning. The procedure gives a precise overview of the workflow, collisions and especially voids. It has been my experience that there is a better working environment between craftsmen, if a plan has been defined for each work area at all times. So there is money for everyone to save. The implementation of LBS is part of our Lean strategy.”

Kent Poulsen, Arne Andersen Vrå A/S

Help us, help you!

Do you want a stable flow throughout the construction process and optimal use of the construction site? Then this is the solution for you! We are here to help! We can help you get started optimizing your schedule with Vico Office, or with easier and more effective reporting of progress using the Exicute App. Call us for a non-binding conversation about your needs.

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