Risk Management with BIM/VDC


Vico Office is the industry’s best integrated risk management tool in project economics, scheduling and quality assurance. Integrating BIM/VDC into your planning at all levels secures you a place in the first BIM/VDC team, as well as uncompromising and healthy building processes, where keeping costs down by predicting problems long before they occur! Read more about BIM/VDC.

Risk Analysis of Quantities

On average, our risk analyzes of quantities show half to a few percent of the miscalculated amounts in the tender documents. There is a tendency for large public projects, which are offered on the basis of the quantities calculated by the architects and engineers, to contain incorrect quantities. The successful contractor should therefore recalculate the amounts indicated in the tender dossier, otherwise he will have to take responsibility for it after signing the contract.

From the point of view of the risk, it is good for the contractor if the quantities are indicated in the tender documents. This can save some time in connection with the offer. However, it is crucial to have an overview of the quality of billing as early as possible, so that as a contractor you have full control when the quantity risk is transferred to you.

Avoid making 5 typical quantity errors.

Normally only a few weeks are provided for the calculation of the quantities, therefore it must run quite smoothly. In Vico Office, you can quickly extract detailed quantities from your 3D setup (Quantity Determination) and check your quantities. This gives you complete control over the project before transfer. For more information about 2D + 3D quantity extraction, see Vico Office.

BIM/VDC will be deployed in the new supralar hospital in Aalborg

nu“With such large projects, it quickly costs millions when the timeline has passed, and the cost of using this method quickly becomes savings.”

– Niels Uhrenfeldt, Project Manager, Region North Jutland

Niels Uhrenfeldt commented on the magazine Børsen: New program leads from the million-dollar risk in the North Jutland region

Risk Analysis of Schedules

Schedules in large Gantt charts (such as MS Project or Primareva) or spreadsheets, as a result of the scheduling method, contain some inherent risks that are difficult and sometimes impossible to verify. These risks can be visualized easily and simply in Vico Office. Vico Office uses a location-based planning principle (cycle program) that facilitates the analysis of your schedules. For more information about location-based planning, see Vico Office.

With the risk management of Vico Office you get:

  1. Certainty that the project is constantly being optimized to ensure continuous staffing
  2. A stable flow without unnecessary dependencies between activities
  3. Certainty that multiple tasks are not planned at the same time and in the same place

By using Vico Office to manage your risk schedules, you can reduce execution time by at least 10% – and often even more – without increasing staff effort or risk in the project, compared to traditional planning methods. Learn more about the benefits of 4D scheduling and resource management at Vico Office.

Avoid 5 typical errors in schedules.

Quality Assurance of Building Models

Experience from a variety of public and private construction projects has shown that risk management with Vico Office can reduce unforeseen costs by over 20%. The quality of 3D building models is very important for the number of unforeseen costs to be expected for the construction project.

Do you want to control the risks in your project from start to finish and are you ready for a future with BIM/VDC? Then the complete Vico Office package is the solution for you! This allows you to work in the same program in all dimensions, including:

2D BIM = Drawings, quantities and reports

3D BIM = Quantity extraction and location division of quantities

4D BIM = Planning, procurement and logistics

5D BIM = Economic overview, cost analysis and calculations

Vico Offices BIM software was developed specifically for contractors. Get an overview of what you can do with BIM as a contractor, including 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D with Vico Office.

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